With the dust finally having settled on Leicester City’s fairy tale title triumph, the Premier League is back with another season that we hope will be a pulse throbbing one. The 2016/17 premier League season is promising to be the most intriguing season yet.epl logo

With all the top managers like Jose Mourinho, Pep Gaurdiola etc. now plying their trade in England, the managerial battles this season will be a sight to behold. Add a new TV deal into the mix, a deal that gives you the immense financial freedom in the transfer market and you have the prospect of an intensely entertaining 9 months ahead of you.

So with less than 24 hours to go before the new Premier League season kicks off, let’s have a quick look at what to expect this season.


With such great mangers and players in the fray, the finish of this season is expected to be a close one. Will 2011-12 repeat itself? We don’t know but one thing is for sure that not much will separate the teams at the top or the bottom.


Leicester City bea Chelsea

With Leicester’s title triumph, the concept of “small teams” or minnows is all but obliterated. To further highlight this fact, all you need to do is look at the transfer dealings of the clubs that have been traditionally battling relegation such as Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace etc. This season, there will be no easy games.


Jose Mourinho at a press confterence
Jose Mourinho at a press conference

With Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, Pep Gaurdiola at Manchester City and Antonio Conte at Chelsea, expect tons of mind games to be played throughout the season. The press conferences are going to be quirky too, all credit to these guys plus a few more.


Jmaie Vardy breaking records

With Jamie Vardy obliterating Ruud Van Nistelroy’s long standing record of having scored in the most number of consecutive matches, you can totally expect other such obscure players to emerge come the end of the season. Thanks to the Vardy tale, now scouts are focusing their attention to the lower leagues. It will not be a surprise if we find another Jamie Vardy next time in May.


Derby clashes
Derby clashes

Next season’s derbies are going to be heated affairs both amongst the players as well as the managers. Jose Mourinho vs Pep Gaurdiola in the Manchester derby, Antonio Conte vs Arsene Wenger in the London derby and Jurgen Klopp vs Ronald Koeman in the Merseyside derby are some of the prominent examples. Mark your derby dates people; you wouldn’t want to miss them.


Dejected fans after Newcastle United were relegated

Last season, traditional heavy weights Chelsea finished 10th, Liverpool 8th and Manchester United 5th while relegation candidates Leicester City won the title. Add the fact that clubs of Newcastle United or Aston Villa got relegated and you will realize that a new order has been established. So don’t be surprised if the favourites finish mid table and rank outsiders win the league.


With the league tougher than ever, it is totally expected that more than a few people will lose their jobs before the end of the season and many high profile names may also bite the dust. Last season it was Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. Who will it be this time around?

With all this said and done here is my expected final table at the end of the season.

  1.  Chelsea
  2. Manchester United
  3. Manchester City
  4. Arsenal
  5. Liverpool
  6. Tottenham Hotspurs
  7. Leicester City
  8. West Ham United
  9. Everton
  10. Southampton
  11. Stoke City
  12. Swansea City
  13. Middlesbrough
  14. Watford
  15. Crystal Palace
  16. Hull Cty
  17. West Bromwich Albion
  18. Watford
  19. Bournemouth
  20. Sunderland

So with all said, let the season begin!