Amidst all the popularity and hype for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, Apple brings in a new iPhone SE. What could possibly be the reason for this? We all sit there wondering about why in the middle of the launch of Apple’s most high-profile smartphone, do they drop iPhone SE which is comparatively less expensive and a little low on performance. iphone-se-sales-uk-aperturegames

But now, iPhone SE sales outguns the sales of Samsung Galaxy S7 and becomes the best selling smartphone in the U.K. market. The report from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech, states that the 4-inch  iPhone SE places the first place in its sales, and accounts for 9.2 percentage in UK smartphone sales in Q2.

iPhone SE was released with a shocking reduction in screen size. When all the top notch companies are coming up with bigger screens, Apple went ahead and released iPhone SE with a 4 inch display. It overthrew the business market of Sony which had continued to launch its compact sized phone.

However, the quality and features in iPhone SE isn’t compromised at all. It was way better than iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and almost on par with iPhone 6s. The features like 12 MP rear camera with 4K video recording, Live Photos and many other similar features proved to be a highlight for iPhone SE. On total, iOS devices accounts for 32.7 percent of smartphone sales in U.K., which includes iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s also. The report made by the firm, helps us to identify that the sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be also the same as iPhone SE. kantar-worldpanel -q2-2016-aperturegames

It runs on iOS 9 platform along with the A9 processor that means you get a high speed processor and high definition games and videos run perfectly and smoothly on iPhone SE. It also has a 2GB internal RAM.

It has the iPhone 5s look, so for the customers who miss the patent iPhone look can opt for this phone as it hasn’t adapted the sleeker and thinner look of iPhone 6s. So if you are looking for the classic iPhone device, then iPhone SE is the right investment for you. There is an extra option for you to choose from, the iPhone SE comes in rose gold color. And you may give this subtle difference a miss, but the edges are matte-finished as opposed to the shining edge in its previous models.

There is no 3D touch, this was one feature that everybody was talking about but unfortunately iPhone SE doesn’t endorse this feature. The Touch ID sensor is the first generation which is a good thing as the latter updated one was high on sensitivity and way too fast.

The front facing camera is 1.2 MP, now that is a reason to be sad. its secondary camera is always 5 MP, but iPhone SE has a 1.2 MP camera. It still manages to earn some brownie points with the Retina Flash feature. Even though you end up paying more for iPhone 5s, but iPhone SE has better battery life than 5s. It has hiked up to 50% better battery life than iPhone 5s and is in close competition with 6s.

You will not be spared the Apple’s customary price hike of 100 USD for increment in storage capacity. The 16 GB comes for 399 USD whereas you have to end up paying 100 dollars more for 64 GB.

Let’s talk a little about the appearance, the iPhone 5c had a plastic encasement and every Apple model from that point onward had a metal case appearance. iPhone SE is no exception, it comes in a complete aluminium metal body which makes it stronger. It boasts a strong battery life can withstand up to 13 hours of WiFi usage and 14 hours of continuous talk time. It does a better job than iPhone 5s.

For people who have been wanting to use an iPhone for ages, but always took a step back because it was too pricey can take a cue and invest in iPhone SE as it will not leave you disappointed in any way. With this price, a lot of people could get to live the Apple experience.