On Tuesday, NASA the space giant have assured the common people around the world that a giant asteroid was on the path towards Earth will pass near us, without touching the planet’s atmosphere.

According to the reports made by NASA, the asteroids were the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, which is a huge chunk of limestone rock on the Gibraltar territory of the United Kingdom. This space rock will not harm the planet’s atmosphere, because it will fly off the Earth’s surface, at a distance of five times as it is the distance from Earth to the moon. But, it is also noticed in many years that, this size of asteroids have approaches towards our planet, and like others, it will also not going to enter the planet’s atmosphere.

Last time a bigger sized asteroid named the Toutatis, in 2004 was passed lesser distance than this one will, four times the distance between Earth and its moon.

NASA still not has yet found much information about this asteroid, but they are sure that this one will be twice the bright as the planet’s moon. This means the large space rock can be seen by many on the globe with a usual telescopes or binoculars a person has, on the coming Wednesday.

NASA also approved in many places in the world, this giant space rock will be visible, and it also can be visible for one to two nights straight, it also going to be fading in the next day, since it will get far from the Earth.