Rise Of Siren Hacker In Dallas; City Officials Are Worried Over The MatterIn Dallas, Texas, on the late Friday night, siren across the city was warmed, and the city officials were concern over the matter, and later they also blamed it on the hackers who might have blown the siren throughout on that night.

According to the officials of the city believes, that this deed was done by a single group of hackers, and they also claimed the whereabouts of those hackers, as they say, the hackers are of this city as well, which might help them easy to find those hackers. An official from the Office of Emergency Management, Rocky Vaz said the hacked sirens caused a total of 156 sirens throughout the city of Dallas and goes off around the prior to midnight like 11:40 p.m.

Vaz also mentioned, when the siren occurs it really had a worse impact on the city at late night, which made the emergency crews had to operate manually on the sirens to turned off each of them one by one.

Meanwhile, when the incident occurred, many of the residents of the city had called the 911 dispatchers for a look into the matter, which was really annoying and disturbing in the middle of the night, as per a resident who has suffered the night due to the siren.

After the incident, several hours went, but the city officials are still unaware about the locations of the hackers, who are among the city’s vast population. But, on the other hand, the police authorities also confirmed about their abilities, and willingness to get the hackers.