After having a magnificent launch and record breaking first month, Niantic Labs’ brain child Pokemon GO has also faced some backlash because of its 3 step bug and removal of “Nearby” feature to find new Pokemons. The game developers were also in silent mode and now, suddenly the company has released a new patch to the game that replaces the Nearby feature with all new “Sightings.”pokemon-go-revenue

In order to get rid from those 3 step bugs and third-party tracking apps popularity, Niantic Labs has decided to provide the tracking feature to its user in their own app with some modification, and called it – Sightings. This is said to be an attempt to get on the good side of the gaming community.

The new Sightings tool replaces the old one, two, or three prints with some grass behind the nearby Pokemons. However, some gamers even not feeling happy and they complained that this tool isn’t working in the way the Nearby tool worked in the first two weeks of game launch. But, according to game analysts, this is the right first step by Niantic Labs in order to retain the early gamers.

Earlier, Pokemon GO’s Nearby tool was unreliable to find the nearby Pokemons and gamers were in confusion to know whether the Pokemons are there or not, because there were no ways to confirm it before moving to the area. Now, the new Sightings tool can be trusted as it is officially updated by the company. One more new feature added in this update is the grouping of Pokemons in the map.

The Pokemon GO game is already downloaded by more than 100 million users worldwide and it has already generated a record $200 million revenue in its first month, breaking the $125 million record of Clash Royale released in 2016 and $25 million record of Candy Crush Soda Saga that released in 2014. With so much userbase and daily activity, Niantic Labs has to keep the gamers happy and more active by providing useful tools and of course, new Pokemons.