Whites in America lacking a college degree are dyingThousands of stories are written about why poor, angry, under-educated white voters put Donald Trump in a 2016 presidential election into the Oval Office that each political analyst got it wrong. On Thursday, two economists released a study shedding light on how and why this happened.

Death rates among whites under-educated whites (having a high school education or less) have now surpassed the blacks in America. Thus, the mortality rates are higher by 30 percent for whites between ages of 50-54 than for blacks in the same age, say the Princeton economists – Anne Case and Angus Deaton in a study at large by the Brookings Institution.

“Case and Deaton find that the midlife mortality rates fall in most of the rich world, while since the late 1990s the middle-aged non-Hispanic whites in the U.S. with a high school diploma or less experience increasing midlife mortality,” said Brookings.

“This has given rise to the number of ‘deaths of despair’, death by suicide, alcohol and drugs there is a slowdown in progress against death due to heart disease and cancer, the largest two killers in middle age,” Brookings said.

These are the areas that Trump gave his best. He over performed in most counties. Now the death rates for whites have excelled the black’s death rates.

Rich countries, with universal health coverage, are progressing against heart disease and cancer. The same is different with under-educated whites in America.

The study reveals clearly that “deaths of despair” are rising in people lacking a high school degree, and the reason is sobering.