Hello Games, the developer behind the game No Man’s Sky, has announced a new day one patch version 1.03 and urged everyone who already began the gameplay to install it before saving the game. Sean Murray, creator and founder of the game, has said that the gamers who have the leaked copy should also install this update to get more content and

He also noted that the earlier version of the game would technically work, but will miss the experience that comes with the new zero-day update. In a blog post, he has listed the important highlights of the game that comes with the new patch version 1.03.

With this new update, personal inventories and ship have been expanded by multiples of 2.5 and 5, respectively. Hello Games has also widened the diversity of creatures in planets and introduced a diet for the creatures, where proper feeding to those creature enables their assistance. The game has a completely new universe generation algorithm, that means planets will move with the aim of more variety to the galaxies.

Here are the highlights of the changes in the new update in No Man’s Sky:
  • The Three Paths – there are now new, unique “paths” you can follow throughout the game. You must start the game on a fresh save, with the patch, as early choices have significant impact on what you see later in the game, and the overall experience.
  • The Universe – we changed the rules of the universe generation algorithm. Planets have moved. Environments have changed biomes. Galaxies have altered shape. All to create greater variety earlier. Galaxies are now up to 10x larger.
  • Diversity – Creatures are now more diverse in terms of ecology and densities on planets.
  • Planets – we’ve added dead moons, low atmosphere and extreme hazardous planets. Extreme hazards include blizzards and dust storms.
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