A Volvo SUV self-driven owned and operated by Uber Technologies Inc. flipped on its side after a collision. In the self-driving Volvo SUV, the car is dented badly and the headlights are blasting. The pictures reveal a three-vehicle collision occurred on March 24 in Arizona.

There were no injuries say local police and the ubers vehicle did not consider responsible for this incident is said. Uber’s car was in autonomous mode with “safety” drivers up front at the time of the crash, told Reuters. The back seat was empty.

Uber said that it was suspending tests of autonomous vehicles in Arizona and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is working to investigate that happened.

Uber was picking up passengers in Tempe in its self-driving cars in late February. The inaugural rider was Arizona governor Doug Ducey. Uber moved its driverless tests at the end of December to Arizona after a brief and disastrous pilot in San Francisco. The company resisted regulators in California by denying getting a testing permit for its autonomous vehicles, saying the rules did not apply. Within few hours of being put for real passengers, the Uber’s cars were caught running a red light. Uber blamed the human error mishap, but the New York Times reported that the internal company documents said the cars failed to recognize red light and five others.

Uber has made self-driving technology for long-term success. But the health of the program of Uber’s autonomous vehicle is unclear. At least 20 engineers have quit since November, Recode reported this week, including Raffi Krikorian, Pittsburgh program director and famed Jeep hacker Charlie Miller.