The Quinnipiac University pollsters are scooped by their own social media team.
The Washington Post’s polling manager, Scott Clement, noticed this tweet from the school’s polling outfit.

Most numbers were included in a national poll except the figure of the health care. That number is likely to be released on Thursday; Quinnipiac staggers details to highlight different bits of data from one survey over a few days. As Thursday is the day the House plans to vote on the Republican Affordable Care Act-replacement bill, it would truly make sense to know how President Trump is viewed on that metric.

Trump believes to have ownership of the Republican bill, even as Republicans on and off Capitol Hill express skepticism about the legislation. Two other polls, from CNN-ORC and Fox News, have also raised the same doubt about Trump’s work on health care. In the first poll, conducted at the month beginning, views were split. In the second poll, conducted two weeks ago, opinions were more negative. In Quinnipiac’s poll, views remain negative still.

In the first two polls without Quinnipiac’s, Trump’s approval ratings showed to be steady. Meaning that Americans viewed Trump in both CNN’s and Fox’s polls had the same views of his handling health care and it sank in the latter.

In each case, Americans were more disapproving of Trump’s handling of health care than of Trump.

Trump’s handling of health care is a negative. Though apples-to-apples comparison is done of three polls at different times, there is a correlation between the time taken for the health-care fight and how poorly Americans think Trump is handling it.