Labrador retrievers have extended the record run for a 26th straight year as the American Kennel Club to be the popular dog breed. But, Rottweilers and some other dogs also have been climbing the ladder of popularity.

In 2013, Labs were high on the record at No. 1. They are affable, easy to train and eager to please. Their popularity is because the owners need not be an expert to own a Lab, saus Gina DiNardo, AKC Vice President. People considering a family pet, will find the breed proves everything from guiding the blind to bomb sniffing.

The other popular dog breeds include German shepherds, bulldogs, golden retrievers, poodles, French bulldogs, Yorkshire terriers, Rottweilers and boxers.

The Rottweilers are found to be increasing in the recent 2 decades. They are popular for their confidence, loyalty and protective instincts. They were second most popular in 1997, but in a decade’s time faded to 17th, but in 2015, it made its way to top 10.

As strong dogs with guardian tendencies, Rottweilers require early training, good practice, socialization, activities and people’s companionship. “They are definitely not a breed for everyone,” says Niles, of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. “But whatever you invest in them, they are sure to return to you a millionfold.”

Several breeds in the top 10 have are there over a decade or more. A breed’s popularity reflects anything from its ease of grooming to exposure of heir celebrity owners. In fact, some familiar breeds such as collies and cocker spaniels are not anywhere in the top 10.