Smiling Mugshot Teacher Captured For Having Intercourse with Student in the SchoolA teacher, who got caught during having sex with a student inside the school, was smiling while her mugshot has been taken. Sarah Fowlkes, the teacher has been arrested on the basis of doubt of doing intercourse with a student who is just 17-year-old. Sarah could get the penalty to spend 20 years behind the bars if she convicted for the crime.

The teacher is already suspended from the school named Lockhart High School, located in Texas.

Despite the allegation and suspension from the duty, the biology teacher grinned widely while mugshot has been captured. The mugshot was taken after few hours she spent with her husband for her birthday.

There is an arrest warrant local police attained for Sarah and she revolved herself in.

Police recollected the messages which are evidence about the conversation between the teacher and her student. According to the local police, the entire conversation was by nature is completely sexual.

As per the Houston Chronicle, the administrative department of the school had communicated with the investigating team about the unsuitable teacher-student relationship.

In the official website, Lockhart Independent School has declared that the biology teacher Sarah Fowlkes was suspended from the school.

In the statement, Susan Bohn, the superintendent of the school has noted that parents trust on the school authority deeply regarding their kids appropriate care on every day on every particular basis including study. Something awkward and unethical issue like recent incident rather accident, the school authority would not take lightly at all.