The New England Patriots’ jersey, Tom Brady wore in the previous month in the famous American football Super Bowl was finally got back by the FBI which was apparently stolen. The news is confirmed by the NFL through an exclusive statement.

The jersey of the New England Patriots’ star has been stolen while Tom, 39, was busy to celebrate the wining trophy for his Super Bowl MVP award for the fourth time. With the entire team’s support, Tom and the Patriots won over the Atlanta Falcons by 34-28.

It was sparked that the investigation was done jointly by the FBI team along with the special agencies of law enforcement. The complete investigation team reoccupied this year’s jersey, as well as the jersey Tom has worn in the victory of Super Bowl XLIX over the team Seattle in the year 2015 organized in New England.

The investigating report said that the jersey was recovered from Mexico. The Police Chief of Huston, Art Acevedo has confirmed the news through a post on twitter.

According to a league statement, the jersey was rediscovered due to the help and cooperation of the security teams of New England Patriots, as well as the NFL. The entire law enforcement team along with the FBI authorities worked hard to find the Super Bowl jersey of Tom Brady wore during the last month’s American football.

Apart from the current stolen jersey, the investigation team also retrieved another stolen jersey of Tom Brady that he wore 2015’s Super Bowl while playing the match opposite the Seattle Seahawks.