While the new President is going to be heading the United States of America, Barack Obama, the current man of the hour, is scene chilling and bopping to Eminem’s Grammy winning song, Lose Yourself. The way Obama connects and dances in the White House with Bill Clinton in the video and all his security guards.
barack obama eminem lose yourself

Here is the Video:
He is also seen in the corridor with Hillary Clinton and hugging her on stage. We guess Barack Obama is ready to pass the baton and White House to her.

As we can imagine ourselves when a lot of number crunching and hectic work is going on, we imagine ourselves as B-Rabbit too. Obama is going for the DNC speech and this 58 second video has all his special moves and gestures.

Obama loves to listen to hip hop but Eminem’s Lose Yourself is a really special track. When you play the video, pay attention to how the President is feeling every beat and moving his hands and body in rhythm. So, now we know what he is doing when he is not taxing us or helping Hillary win.

What are your thoughts on this Obama-Eminem connection? Music especially Hip Hop above all.