EU Competition Commissioner is talking on Google case

EU charges Google for abusing the mobile app market with its Android platform in EU. The officials of European Union have charged the search giant for being biased when it comes to competitors with similar services as Google’s own on their mobile software. The regional competition law has been broken and EU antitrust chief has now announced formal charges after a long investigation. Statement of Objections clearly stated that Google for its personal benefit has been unfair and did not follow the competition rules of Europe.

Problematic behavior on Google Play, where all the Android apps are available is the leading cause of this charges. The company broke antitrust rules because there was an unjust tie-up between Google apps in Play Store and they were either mandatory as pre-installed or ranked higher on the list of Apps. Also, Google added its own search and other in-house apps as default, when a brand new Android smartphone is sold.

This investigation ran for over a year and Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said,”A competitive mobile internet sector is increasingly important for consumers and businesses in Europe. Based on our investigation thus far, we believe that Google’s behavior denies consumers a wider choice of mobile apps and services and stands in the way of innovation by other players.”

Google has 12 weeks to respond t this official statement of objections and the commissioner will consider their argument before charging them with a penalty or taking any strict action. Other bad news apart from EU charges Google is that there are other complaints pending against the search company, which the department is expediting investigation on.

Antitrust cases against a huge internet company are common in Europe, because of strict market laws that care about the welfare of all its citizens and believe in equal opportunity.