Tech giant AMD launched a new GPU on mid-July this year. The RX 470 is a powerful graphics card, but its price is confusing. The reason is that the price of RX 480 is just 20$ more than RX 470. The 480 is more powerful than 470 in terms of virtual capabilities. But yet, the RX 470 is an excellent GPU with many pros and few cons.
amd radeon

Specifications of AMD Radeon RX 470

• GCN ARCHITECTURE – 4th Generation
• CLOCK SPEEDS – 4th Generation
• DIRECT X 12 – Yes
There are other features as well such as AMD Free sync Technology, Vulkan Support and Virtual Super Resolution.

Performance of AMD Radeon RX 470

The performance is top notch. This GPU is superb when it comes to HD gaming. All latest games are running at 1080p maxed out without any lag. It gives consistent frame rates which mean a free flowing gaming experience.

High end games such as Batman Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3, The division are giving 45+ fps in high or ultra settings. In some games, you might have to tweak some settings to achieve smoother frame rates.

Gamer Optimized

The latest DirectX 12 and Vulkan technology with powerful Async shaders helps the GPU to reach new geometry capabilities. You can also record your games at 4K without any performance impact. You can also optimize sound volumes based on actual temperature and workloads.

Other Features of AMD Radeon RX 470

The design of the GPU is cool. You need a PSU of 120W to run this GPU. The Graphics card integrates a pair of open air fans with a decent heatsink, a metal black plate and a dual BIOS switch. The cooling system works well.

Wrapping up
No one can question the stellar performance of RX 470 but its price to performance ratio is poor. The upgraded version RX 480 is just 20$ more expensive than 470 and gives better performance. There is a 10% increase in gaming performance of RX 480.

AMD must reduce the price of 470 in order to increase its sales. As if now, it is advisable that you spend those few extra bucks to get a better Gpu. As far as RX 470 is concerned, it fulfils almost all criteria to be called as one of the hottest gaming products in the market.