Suzzanne Monk was one of the Illinois residents who voted in the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump and now she says that choice it is costing her business in the neighborhood.

Monk who owns in North Center Worlds of Music with her husband Alexander Duvel and she complains that she has been a victim of steady bullying as their politics has become open to public knowledge. She has written that ‘We will close at April end as we do not wish to put our customers, staff, our neighbors and ourselves at risk’. She wrote ‘In the end it was not the road construction, high taxes or high crime, nor was it the unchecked political cronyism or gang violence, instead it is because of the hate you tolerate on your shoulder and it has transformed the city into hate, fear and division’.

Monk said in an interview ‘It is not like any democracy as people are scared to say they voted for one of the two parties’. The couple is now in the shifting process of Worlds of Music that sells instruments over the globe to an online enterprise, said Monk. They are closing their Music shop on April 27, she said.

Monk said she and Duvel always worked hard to keep politics away from their business and just for a record, she informed that in 2000 they voted for Al Gore and Hillary Clinton in the 2008.

The couple started receiving threatening emails saying “We hope nobody fire bombs your business,” Monk said. Monk has reported to police about the anonymous threats. a resident for more than 25 years, is not feeling comfortable.