In Frisco, Texas, a high school’s on-site prayer room designed especially for Muslims is gripping a controversy.

According to the report, the Liberty High School based in the city has established a special prayer room in the year 2009. At the same time, this prayer room has raises some concern over the use of the room, which might be strict to the Muslims only, and not others religious people. The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the first to show the concern over the room if it is off-limits for other religious communities or not.

In a letter, to the school by Paxton is written that it will be erratic with the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom if they were not allowed to the room which is meant only for the Muslims. It was also said, why such a room is needed in the first place, because the classrooms will get empty when the lunch break is on, and on that time the Muslim people can do their prayer inside the classrooms.

On the other hand, the Baptist Church’s leader in Dallas said that there is no problem in practice, but it is unfair not to let other religious students inside the room or let them use the room when the Muslim students are not using it.

But, a Muslim cleric named Mustafa tameez, says that it is not necessary to use the room is only limited to Muslims, people from other faiths can use the prayer rooms as well if they needed.