Last week, there was a forced entry by an intruder into the White House, as he was looking through a window and bang on the door holder, tries to open it before getting caught by the security personnel, says the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

According to the Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, he was informed by the Secretary of Homeland Security that the person had gone into the White House undetected for over 17 minutes, which was a serious matter as the president was inside the palace. This shows one of the negligence of the security personnel as they were unaware of a person sneak inside of a place they claim to be most fortified place on the planet.

The Top-secret Service made a statement, which says the person first get through a 5 foot outer border fence, and then able to scale an 8-foot vehicle gateway to stepped inside the grounds. According to the Secret Provision Officials said that the intruder never finished it inside the presidential palace and got apprehended before he tries to break-in as soon as possible they got the trace of him, and have gone to arrest the fellow.

But, in reality, no one knows how the intruder got inside the premise as a tight security was present outside and most important the president of the United States was inside at the time this incident happens.

There is an investigation is going on, and also there will be security enhancement program will take place soon as they don’t want to repeat the incident ever.