Parenting is certainly challenging, but there is a special benefit as you get older. New study findings have revealed that parents having children live longer than couples who are childless.

The findings were published on March 13 in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, and this was based on the Swedish health data analysis taking more than 725,000 women and nearly 705,000 men born between the years 1911 and 1925.

The study revealed that at 60 years old, fathers mostly live 2 years longer than their counterparts who are childless. At this age, mothers also live 1.5 years longer than childless women. At age 80, fathers may live nearly 8 months longer and mothers 7 months longer in comparison with childless parents.

The benefit of longevity appears to occur regardless of whether the child is a son or daughter. Although researchers were unable to prove a causal link showing how children promote lifespan, there are several theories for parents living longer than their childless peers.

Parents raising children prepare home-cooked, healthy meals for their kids and get suited to healthier lifestyle. People living alone consume less fruits and vegetables and are more likely to go with poor diet patterns, opting to eat ready-made and fast meals.

The researcher also added a feasible explanation for lengthened survival is that the old parents have adult children to take care of them and offer support.

Aging parents benefit from social interaction with their grandchildren and adult children. Social involvement is essential to healthy ageing. Thus family bond, more family members and close relationship is connected with longer life in older adults.