In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a fire broke out in a house that leads to killing a toddler and critically injuring two of the house residents and also injuring a firefighter who was tasked to rescue the house occupants. Later the fire officials found that the fire occurred on a charging board which sparked while recharging a hover-board.

According to the fire department of Harrisburg, there was a victim, who is a resident of the house which is on fire, had jumped from a second-floor porch roof to escape from the blaze, and reported that the person was severely injured. Later the fire crew rescued two females from the second floor of the building with the help of ladder from ground. Two other females are critically injured, and admitted to the hospital and still under observation, while the other members were injured, and released after primary treatment.

On the other hand, there was a 3-year-old girl, whose name was Ashanti Hughes got perished by the fire, and on the way to the hospital, she was pronounced dead just after 11:30 am.

As per the Fire Chief Brian Enterline, the home occupants heard some sound from the hover-board which was some sizzling and crackling sounds and shortly after that, it leads to an explosion and then the fire. The hoverboard was plugged in for charging in the first floor of the building.

Just before the accident, all the firemen were just returning from a retired firefighter’s funeral, and the person died of cancer after a long battle against it.