An Eskimo Village In Alaska Is Planning To Serve Reindeer Meat Far &WideIn Anchorage, Alaska, news surfaced from a remote tundra-covered island village of Inuits in the wilderness of the northern state have decided to serve reindeer meat to all, and this is to counter the growing unemployment proportion and accomplish a level of self-sufficiency.

As most people know about Alaska, the region is vast and rich with minerals, but for the locals do not have many resources to use them, and this selling of reindeer meat is one such resource that they can afford and carry on with their livelihood.

The village named Mekoryuk is based on the Nunivak Island, which itself lies 40 miles from the main beach in the Bering Sea, and as a fact Nunivak is the second largest island in the Bering Sea. The village Mekoryuk has a tribal government, and it is planning to expand its commercialization in reindeer venture, and introduce it to the world with more of the supplies.

The businessmen from Mekoryuk is planning to construct a new-fangled slaughter house with a budget of $ 1.8 million, which will allow them to offer reindeer roasts and steaks for deal in the other parts of the arctic state, especially the urban regions of Alaska. The city of Anchorage will be the largest customer to this initiative, along with other regions.

According to the people of Nunivak Island, their demands are not met with the supplies they get from the mainland, especially the region where Mekoryuk is located, and to fulfill their growing demands they are planning to sell reindeer meat.