Facebook is taking at Snapchat another swipe and this time it is with cloning Facebook Messenger its popular Stories feature calling it Messenger Day.

The advantage is you can add videos and photos with Messenger Day and your friends can reply and view. You may choose to share all your Messenger contacts or keep it with intimate family, friends or group. Remember, all that you add disappears in next 24 hours.

Facebook said Messenger Day will roll out on Thursday on iOS and Android.

In February, a Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp, that is used by 1.2 billion people, unveiled the Status, which lets people sharing images, videos and GIFs as a status update. The truth is that the Status, like Snapchat’s Stories feature, vanishes after 24 hours.

Facebook-owned Instagram, in August, that has 600 million users, debuted Stories, a typical Snapchat’s Stories feature. Facebook is now testing Stories in the core app, too.

The giant social network is into a more casual and visual way of communicating with family and friends. It is working to increase engagement on Facebook’s main app and its other apps, thus it wishes to position itself to be highly effective to compete with Snap, the Snapchat parent company.

Facebook started taking inspiration from Snapchat messaging service that is very popular among young adults and teens, who launched in 2014 the stories.

Facebook offered over $3 billion in 2013 to buy Snap, but the offer was rejected by CEO Evan Spiegel. Snap priced its IPO at $17 each of 200 million shares on March 1, rising over $3 billion assessing just under $24 billion. Snap shares opened on March 2 at $24 and closed at $24.48, showing a 44% increase from the price offered, but on Wednesday it sunk to $22.81.