In Biloxi, Mississippi, on Tuesday, a train hit a chartered bus which was just passing the railroad crossing, causing the death of 4 people, and leaving a dozen injured, out of them some are in more serious condition.

According to the report, the mishap occurred at 2:12 pm local time of Biloxi, when a CSX freight train heading towards the county of Mobile, Alabama from New Orleans, and hit an Echo Transportation tour bus, which was passing a railroad cross.

It took the responders more than two hours to remove the little less than 50 passengers from the bus, and at first rescuers sort three people die immediately from the hit, and the fourth person died later on the way to the hospital. Among the dead, there were two men and a woman, who dies immediately after the accident, but the person who died later not identified.

The bus was making its trip from a casino in Bay St. Louis to another casino in Biloxi; both in Mississippi, and suddenly the bus got stuck on the railroad crossing. On the other hand, the freight train had a composition of three locomotives, and fifty-two cars, among them, twenty-seven were loaded while the rest twenty-five were empty.

As per reports, the train was on a slow pace, so a major accident was able to repel, but if the train applies its emergency brakes a little later, then the death toll would have been a total of 50, and not 4 because it is not possible to stop a train quickly.