The Samsung Exynos 9 chip offers dual-camera systems. Will this chip be used in all the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 or will it be saved for another?

The concept of dual cameras is not new as even HTC Evo 3D in 2011 came with two rear cameras and now a handful of flagship phones including the Asus Zenfone AR, LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus also have two cameras at the back.

This feature offers several benefits. The iPhone 7 Plus cameras provides a great depth of field (the “bokeh” effect). On the other hand, the upcoming LG G6’s second rear camera offers a 120-degree wide-angle lens to capture more in each shot. Samsung is to announce yet a dual camera phone, but it may change now as the company’s in-house chip manufacturer is giving full support.

There were rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 of getting the Exynos 9 chip and to have dual cameras, but the leaks were not confirmed. The Galaxy S8 announcement will be on March 29 and one can know the number of cameras the phone will have.

In case, Galaxy S8 does not come with dual cameras, the successor to the Galaxy Note 7 disastrous might feature it. After faulty batteries of the Note 7 it led to two different recalls, and Samsung may cut out new plans to regain consumer confidence. However, Samsung revealed the idea to launch a Galaxy Note 8, regardless of its predecessor’s unfortunate fate.