mafia 3 launch

Brand new trailer of Mafia 3 launch, not only revealed an amazing video but also told us to keep biting our nails till October 7, 2016, when it launches on all the gaming platforms. The trailer brings your special in-game footage and takes you to the gangster world where suited men are out to kill and take revenge. The music of Mafia franchise was much loved too. Listen to that and see guys holding baseball bats and Tommy Guns, in this open-world crime game.

2K the company behind Mafia Franchise announced that the game will be available on all platforms like PS4, Windows PC, Xbox One. You will get special freebies if you preorder the game now. These include special vehicles and weapons inside the game.

Mafia 3 Launch Editions

Also, Mafia 3 will come in exclusive collectors, deluxe and standard editions. Go gun blazing and wire-taping your enemies this October 2016 and Lincoln Clay is all set to escape his past as a ruthless criminal who went to fight in Vietnam and is trained to kill. Enjoy hand-to-hand combat and play to rise in the underworld of New Bordeaux when the game comes out.

Developed by Hanger 13 and published by 2K, the game thrives on the criminal ecosystem where killing, fighting and winning is all that matters. The graphics, music and action-packed Mafia 3 launch will be much bigger than its trailer launch today. Watch the trailer here.

Preorder now and get the amazing in-game bonuses too. You can also enjoy the trailer and play old Mafia series games till October to revisit the crime land. Unleash Lincoln Clay and take over the city now.