Nissan Motors is probably looking forward to sell out its battery manufacturing unit and for that is looking for buyers. The car maker is certainly looking forward to save some money from the front of mass manufacture of car batteries for its electric vehicles. The upcoming Nissan Leaf has also played quite an important role in midst as the company has very high hopes from the product. Rumors have it that Nissan Motors has been in talk with quite a few companies for the deal.

Nissan Motors all set to sell its battery manufacturing company

The fact that Nissan believes that it will be able to save money if it buys lithium ion batteries for its electric cars from other companies is debatable. According to the reports, the car maker is set to sell out 51% of the stake in Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, which is also jointly owned by the NEC Corporation.

Reports also have it that Panasonic is leading the charge amidst the buyers, while many other unspecified companies are also on the move.  Considering the fact that Nissan Motors has been in the business of electric vehicles for long now, it can be stated that the company knows what it is doing.

On the other hand, Nissan’s venture of ‘No Charge to Charge’ has also gathered some pace. According to a Nissan Motors Statement, “Participating Nissan LEAFs have spent a combined 19.4 years at public fast-charge stations while saving more than $4.2 million in charging fees.”

There is a pretty good incentive for the buyers who are planning to go for the Nissan Leaf. According to the details of the program for the new Nissan Leaf buyers, “The program offers new LEAF buyers free public charging for the first two years of ownership, drastically reducing or completely eliminating the costs of operating their vehicle.”. Will this be enough for Nissan Motors to go around a beat Tesla Motors.