Oculus is making the headlines again, as it announced its new plans on Wednesday noon that is, it will cut the rates of its two products, the Rift goggle and Touch controller, which will be a real boost for the new users.

As per the present market value, a Rift goggle and Touch controller combine to cost $799, so the new price will $100 to $200 lesser than the current price. Thus, the possible prices of the device in a combination will be around $699 or $599 at max. On the other hand, when purchasing these products separately, and then also it will be discounted from a separate price for the goggle and the controller.

The price of these products are slashed as all know, but the officials of the company are refusing to agree to the price cuts, which is done due to low sales rates.

According to Brendan Iribe, the co-founder and head of the Oculus PC/VR Group refer the innovation of Rift and Touch is a revolution, and a whole new platform for the world to see the different. Iribe also mentions the main motive of its price cuts, which includes their goal to reach out more and more people in the world, and with the present purchase rate, it will be impossible to motivate the people across the world to buy the product.

The people who will be a potential Rift and Touch user are much excited on the slashing of prices to some affordable extents.