There are mixed reviews about the iOS 10 Beta, so learn everything about it before installing or updating your iPhone with the iOS 10 Beta platform. The launch and installation of iOS 10 Beta is confirmed and is promised by Apple to be released in every product launched in and after September. aperture-games-ios-10

Whenever a new software is launched, it usually comes with a lot of bugs and glitches. That certainly doesn’t make iOS 10 Beta an exception, as it carries with the same issue as any other software. However, with timely updates and customer reviews this problem can be solved.

Got plenty of reviews regarding the iOS 10 Beta update bugs and problems. So, if you were upgrading your iPhone to iOS 10 Beta and got stuck midway, then you’ve come to the right place. Some problems are basic with every new software update, but some are specific in regard to the OS. In this article we will be going over some of the basic issues encountered while upgrading your phone to iOS 10 Beta.

Let’s begin with making sure you know how to downgrade your iPhone immediately to iOS 9.3.3, in case you are faced with a major iOS 10 Beta problem. Find feedback online by users, who have already faced this problem and make your own list of solutions. The reviews are always pretty helpful. If you pay a regular visit to blogs online about the latest updates and reviews then you will exactly what to do.

  • iOS 10 Beta has carefully made a few changes in its interface and taken serious steps to boost performance, but it still seems that they have fallen short on making it the best. Some of the problems encountered were the Bluetooth connectivity literally was termed terrible. The connectivity kept on flickering or didn’t connect at all from the start. Many customers who use other hardwares based on Bluetooth connectivity have suffered terribly and lack the patience to deal with it. The complaints just seem to keep piling up.
  • Apps and games have started to crash and is an ultimate pain as it hinders the fluency with Apple users used their gadgets. Popular apps like Pokemon Go has also crashed several times while being used. Considering the huge fan following and craze surrounding the Pokemon Go, one can understand the level of disappointment from users.
  • The iOS 10 Beta has been categorized into versions that the Apple makers and developers have created and tested numerous times before concluding glitches and issues. iOS 10 Beta faces some more problems like Keyboard Click issue, we see that even when the sound of keyboard click is turned off, by pressing certain keys like period, numbers and alphabets, the keyboard makes the click sound. This was reported, particularly annoying for users who text all day.
  • We’ve all heard about ad blocks or blocking certain websites and pop ups. In any Apple phone it shouldn’t be a big problem to customize the settings according to your needs. But after the iOS 10 Beta update, the HTML Safari fails to customize and block certain contents. A quick solution for this just like any other problem is to switch the phone off and back on but the blocked content still appears after some time.

Some quick ways to solve these problems that is applicable in every case is by holding the Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously unless the Apple logo appears. When that happens, allow the phone to reboot itself and begin to use it normally. Some other solution would be to quickly make sure if all your apps and games are updated to its current version. If you are facing network issues, then go ahead and reset all your network settings in the General Setting category.