Interacting online with bots may be infuriating, but the new feature of Twitters helps you spot a customer support real person in the environment. The company is at launch partnering with T-Mobile and is introducing custom profiles to personalize the customer support experience on its platform.

The new approach is an inspiration offering the desired approach to customer interactions. Last year, the company started adding names to Tweet replies and also the agent’s pictures linking its custom web pages to each representative.

Twitter asserts that personalized experiences are certain to bring a great difference for the customers and brands, alike. Researches prove that people are more convinced of receiving a resolution on chatting with humans and are satisfied than having impersonal interactions.

Twitter is not giving up the automated tools for response. It is just using a mix of custom profiles in association with branded bots into direct messages to inject personality.

Custom profiles helps people in identifying if they are speaking to a human or not and this helps in managing their expectations about the replies they may receive,” confirmed customer service product lead, Ian Cairns, at Twitter.

Basically, this feature allows a company to recognize its human representatives. As you direct message on Twitter account to a customer support, the new custom profile pops up next to the text in reply. This will include info such as real name of the agent, job title, and also a profile pic.
Twitters direct message APIs is luring businesses of all sizes and if they are keen in using they can register their interest.