Mercedes Benz and Tesla Motors are probably all set to take on one another for the electric cars market. According to recent reports, Mercedes Benz is working on a new brand, which will supposedly include an entire fleet of electric cars. Not many of us were expecting, Mercedes Benz to get down to the electric car market so soon and that too with car makers like Tesla Motors and many other tech giants already battling it out.

Mercedes Benz all set for a new fleet of electric cars

The recent reports has this new brand from Mercedes Benz does not have a name as of yet. The fleet of electric cars from the makers will provide the users four choices: two sedans and two SUVs. Be assured that both the sedans and the SUVs will have something or the other that will be different.

Reports also have it that Mercedes Benz is also working on an all electric GLV and is all set to release its first look sometime later this year. The GLV will be produced under the brand of Mercedes Benz itself, which also leads us to believe that they are looking to keep the new brand as separate as possible.

Now, experts believe that this will be a good time for Mercedes Benz to get into the frame of things with electric cars. Tesla Motors has already made the idea of electric cars famous with their Model S. But sadly, they do not have the experience in mass production of cars, which will be required for their Model 3. In case, the new brand can match up with the features and quality of Tesla Motors, they could make a very big impact on the market.

It will interesting to see how things turn out as apart of Tesla Motors, many other companies have also made their intentions clear with respect to electric cars.