All thanks to advancements in science and medical research soon the breathing disorder Asthma will be curable to a 100% extent. An Asthma pill can cure the disease most people are born with, because it is transferred genetically as well.
Professor Chris Brightling
Coming to the pill of the hour that will bring smiles to many across the globe as they could get rid of asthmatic attacks and loss of breath on a daily basis.

Professor Chris Brightling led the research and it has been years of struggle. His audio interview is available here.

Fevipiprant – An Asthma Pill heps your Lungs

This new treatment, Fevipiprant, could likewise help to stop preventable asthma attacks, reduce hospital admissions and improve day-to-day symptoms- making it a ‘game changer’ for future treatment.

Read and find out more about this drug and why it took 20 years to develop it.

Chronic sufferers of Asthma are delighted after 20 long years. Scientists, Pharmas and Doctors were working to develop something potent that can fight it. Many are calling it the Wonder Pill.

The pill treatment for asthma will be a process where you will take this pill regularly to ensure the disorder is completely cured. You can either inhale or inject the contents. It is such a powerful pill that it will treat and make even born asthmatics feel better.

Can the pill stop three asthma patients from dying everyday? Yes, in the UK, millions of people suffer from asthma and its attacks are unbearable. Scientists also speculate that allergies and asthma increase due to changes in weather and rise in pollution. But the death rate is very high. 3 deaths a day, and the cure took 20 years to develop. On one end it is great news but if we look at the statistics, had it been found earlier, so many Brit citizens could have been saved and many around the world too.

As per the official report of University of Leicester researchers, it is being said that –

A unique feature of this study was how it included measurements of symptoms, lung function using breathing tests, sampling of the airway wall and CT scans of the chest to give a complete picture of how the new drug works.