The Man Got Arrested Due To An AMBER Alert Had Been Deported PreviouslyThe man who was suspected as a child abductor for taking a 6-year-old girl from Connecticut which triggered the AMBER Alert was already deported once from this country.

The suspect named Oscar Hernandez who was already taken into custody on Friday, due to the AMBER Alert incident. He was captured following a high-speed car chase and eventually crashed right on the Interstate 99 in Benner Township, Pennsylvania, according to the state police. It was also reported that by the state troopers that the spotted car was not stopping when asked to stop, and due to it have been subjected as an AMBER Alert it was chased.

In another report by the federal immigration department with collaboration with the Pennsylvania police authorities, have confirmed that Hernandez is a citizen of El Salvador and on November 27, 2013, her being deported by the authorities. The reason for his previous deportation was due to assault and threatening as far the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

In this time, Hernandez was accused of abducting his daughter, named Aylin Sofia Hernandez who is a 6-year-old, from her home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, around 2:45 am on Friday, and a few minutes later the police alerted an AMBER Alert to locate him. When the police officers reached the home, they found that Aylin’s mother Nadia was fatally stabbed multiple times, while another woman was also stabbed but still alive and hospitalized.

After capturing Hernandez, the police placed many charges on him, including murder, attempt to murder, abduction and few others.