Technological Myths That Have Nothing To Do In Reality &Four Of Them Are Listed BelowNowadays, people still believes in the myths regarding their electronic gadgets which is baseless to certain extend. Before starting off this list, it is a humble request that please do learn about things before believing into any sorts of myths.

The first one on this list is about “Turning a phone’s brightness down will extend its battery life,” which is wrong (actually it is not totally wrong, but it is wrong to a certain extent). But, the solution is to use the “auto adjusts” option which will adjust the brightness according to the surroundings and will save some amount of battery life.

The second myth is the “private browsing” part, which most of the people thinks it is private with all means, but to all of the users who depends upon the private browsing, beware the network provider knows what you do on private browsers.

The third one is to get “lowest airfare online” which is a myth that people believe, but to be honest if you visit once in a lifetime to a website they will remember you by your IP address. And they will also know if you visit their website a second time, and adjust the price.

The last one is about the “pulling the power plug when the computer freezes,” this option is not the correct one, rather you go and try to hold the power button of your PC for 5 t 10 seconds, and it will work as fine as before, without damaging the system.