All over the globe dating online and through apps is a rage. In 2016 we have seen Tinder introduce a lot of innovative features to help singles find love. Dating is a lot more fun, but facts and research revealed something exactly opposite. People who join Tinder, eager to find a partner or date, especially men users lack self-confidence. These are your regular Tom-Dick and Harry that cannot woo a girl in real life. When social media and other channels like blind dates, meeting in events does not lead to success. Tinder is a glorified spaces where all you see are profiles of men and women based on your interest. You can swipe left or right and thereby pick the ones you dislike and like respectively.

bragging in online dating

The study is still being assessed and we cannot use it here. But the male users of Tinder lacking self-confidence is really an eye-opener. Most men who are going through a lonely phase or cannot get a girlfriend are in large numbers on Tinder. Love is a part of a larger narrative called life, but essentially Tinder breeds hook-ups and one night stands. People meet screw and never meet again.

Women sort of agree that many of their Tinder dates had something weird about them in terms of body language and behavioural mechanisms. The key reason they become instantly unlikable. Yes, most men on Tinder have displayed that. Trying Tinder for yourself is like being the guinea pig in the experiment.

The researcher revealed to Global News Canada,”Men, knowing that there are more of them on the app, try to increase their odds of matching with someone by swiping right with higher frequency,” Dr. Jessica Strubel said.

But not all of us are looking for companions or love, some have already got them. What then is the reason men have so much to cope with and suffer mentally in the head that they are not even themselves on Tinder. Yes, men who tell stories are also pretenders and try to charm with words, while women are looking for a package deal and yes physical attraction matters.

If you are going to swipe right every girl on Tinder hoping to get a match, you have serious self-confidence issues.

We hope to share the research with you when we have it.