Mammoths Could Be In Extent In Just 2 Years From NowHarvard University professors and scientists are joining hands to do a “miracle” or an extra step in science, as they are planning to bring back the ancient creature known as “mammoth.”

George Church, a Harvard Professor, leading a team of scientists known as “maverick geneticist,” is in charge of something that leads them to create something a different creature which was extinct about 4500 years ago due to human involvement in their path.

Wooly mammoths are the animals that live in the cold, and thousands of years ago human termed the hunting practice so high, and it was also due to the warming of global temperature.

According to church, they are just 2 years away from creating a hybrid embryo of what everyone knew as of wooly mammoth, and it will combine the bio-traits with Asian elephant DNA for better results. During the last few years, church and his team has spliced up to 45 mammoths and edits them into Asian Elephant’s DNA, which includes the wooly ones and other features.

Though creating a life-sized wooly mammoth will be tough and time-consuming and the general public will have to wait or more than few years to see the real mammal (wooly mammoth). This will happen due to the slow process Dr. Church and his team are using, it is because they don’t want to rush it, which can lead to failure of and thus, within two years the mammoth embryo can be created, but the full creature will take more time.