The most important and famous day for the friend has arrived now. The day where you hang out with your best ones and enjoy the events and parties together. You don’t need to think a lot about what to do on friendship day, because a day with love is celebrated with fun and enjoyment.


Here are the things that you can do to surprise your friends:

  1. Tie a friendship band on your friends hand. This will make the bond last longerand forever. The band will signify the years of compliance with each other.
  2. Go to friendship day events and parties to celebrate the day. The party will bring the spark of energy on friendship day. Dancing, eating and doing lot more things together will cheer thou up.
  3. Gift chocolates to each other.  This will bring the juices of sweetness between the years of bond that you share.
  4. Send the quotes and blessed to have you messages to the friends you want to wish on that day.
  5. Make the collage of the groups friends and send it to them to tell them you are still in their lives and miss them.

These are few things which you can do with your friends and celebrate the friendship . Before doing the above things you should ask yourself are you really friends with the one’s whom you are wishing. Because if you are being fake and have sorrows amongst yourself then you should clear them up because its friendship day, a day to love your friends unconditionally and make new friends.

Because friendship is where you may me miles apart, where you may not talk for months or years but still when you meet up its like you met yesterday and are never away.  Friendship is true when you feel happy because your friend is happy and can do anything to make them happy.

Friendship is the first place where you knock ting-tong when you are in trouble.  The thing you have together is trust, love and belief, and a bond so amazing. Thanks your friends for being with you when you wanted them the most. Thanks tgem for not letting them feel alone ever and also thanks them for gifting you such a look ing human being as a friend.