In Las Vegas, a federal judge ordered the federal prosecutors from the Bundy Ranch standoff trails to turn over the reports which prove the offense of a key government witness.

The charges weren’t dismissed against all the seventeen defendants by the Judge Gloria Navarro. They were charged because they claimed the government with inoperative evidence by hiding allegations against the government agent in charge of operations during the standoff in 2014.

The judge also points out several violations of federal ethics regulations according to an OIG Report, which includes the misuse property of government, position of government, and ‘a lack of candor when questioned.’ The judge also expresses the mistakes done by the defendants as they should use the accusations delinquency on cross-examination to the agent.

On Jan 20, the inspector general’s explosion made communal, but it didn’t have the name of the agent who misconducts. On the other hand, the attorneys of the defendants have mentioned the IG’s report limited enough facts to identify the agent. They named the agent by Dan Love, who was the BLM special agent in charge of Utah and Nevada (2012-2015).

According to various sources, the lawyers from the case had briefly discussed whether to call Dan Love in the courtroom to testify or not and showed a picture of him to the jurors from the standoff. Though, other prosecutors have suggested the court that they might not use Love as their witness.

The judge said afterward that this information should have shown and shared years ago.