Want to know the biggest change of Rio Olympics 2016? It is the inclusion of LGBT queer players. While IOC is significantly being applauded for it, some people have also opposed it. 44 is one of the highest LGBT Queer Rio Olympics participation in total, including a gay married couple.
LGBT Queer Rio Olympics 2016 Moment of Pride

Yes, you read it correctly – many openly gay men and women are participants in the race to Rio, and winning glory for their country. In this case for their community and the moment of pride for many not openly gay athletes.

LGBT Queer Athletes in British Hockey Team and other Stars
Rio Gay athlete participation hints that times are a changin’, like that Bob Dylan song. Most importantly married gay couples who are professional hockey players representing for the fourth time. Their names are Kate Richardson-Walsh and Helen Richardson-Walsh. According to Quartz,”Kate and Helen’s journey is something of an Olympic love story.“.

LGBT Queer Flag in Opening Ceremony
The LGBTQ pride flag, rainbow was hoisted by the spectators and posters saying Love always wins were spotted at the opening ceremony. We are no longer in those days when anti-gay laws influenced the sport. Times are getting better and it is pretty clear from the opening ceremony itself.

Record number of Athletes at a Glance
44 LGBT Queer athletes are coming to win glory and it will be exciting to see the shift in more such participants in the future. Many countries do not favour this move but IOC has gladly granted LGBTQ sportpersons green signal to come and show the world they are no less than straight sports players. If you want to see Rio 2016 live, go for streaming options on your phone.

Safety of LGBT players in Brazil
The country is not very friendly when it comes to freedom of choosing your own sexual orientation. If at all you are in luck, you can be loved by few local fans. But it is risky to go out without security. There is a lot of agitation and protest going on, but the Olympic bubble remains the safest place.

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