Iran Gets Warned That Theres A New President in Town' Since Donald Trump in White House

A warning is issued already by the White House for the Islamic country Iran that in town there is a new president and also the warning declares that it is not going to be the “sit by” at all. Moreover, the White House also accommodates the country to follow its military exertion.

Diplomatic tension went up high while Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran made his public comment for the first time since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the United State’s President.

The chief of Iran canceled the decision of United States to put the country “on notice”. An intense circular was given to Iran by the United States due to the recent ballistic test of missile and also for calling on the citizens of Iran to be a part of Friday’s demonstration. The affirmation has done on the same date which is marked as the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Mr. Khamenei has recently given his statement where he said that the Iranians are thankful to the current US president Donald Trump for revealing the true face of the United States. He also said that this warn makes the life of Iranians more convenient as they got introduced with the actual face of America.

The chief added that the president warned Iran by saying the country should be afraid of him. Mr. Khamenei protests against the statement and said firmly ‘No’ in the reply. He also included that the people of Iran will definitely give a response on 10th of February to the words and also will show their attitude against the threats of America’s current president.