Unreported terror attacks on television but covered by the US media

President Donald Trump during his first visit to US Central Command headquarters in Tampa and told about the negligence of the media world of not reporting terror attacks publically, but covering them well, to the present military leaders and soldiers.

The White House released a list of 78 terror attacks, which were planned, implemented or motivated by the Islamic State, and it was not reported sufficiently by the media though they covered these incidents, President Trump accused the later part. The issue was not settled by the President, as he didn’t clarify his intention or the reasons of his revelations, but surely mentioned about the fact of insufficient reporting on various terror strikes.

The list White House released were not all happened on the American soil, but it is comprising of both domestic and international terror attacks, which includes the Paris attacks, and Orlando attacks that got very much media attention. But on the other hand, some incomprehensible incidents on police where no one got killed, and also got attention from the media.

Lindsay Walters, a spokeswoman for the White House, who was later explaining what Trump meant while he gave the speech. She discloses the real point of the matter, is about these terrorist attacks which are so prevalent that it does not create any big deal like they used to in the past. She also mentioned about the scenario of a few years back, where a single incident like these terrorist attacks will create a big buzz in the media’s news bulletins.