Murder Suspect Kill Himself in a West Georgia Motel Standoff with County Police

Last Tuesday night, there was a standoff between the police and the two wanted for murdering four women were held at a West Georgian Motel. This time one of the suspects named William Boyette has shot himself against surrendering to the police, and the other one named Mary Rice, however, surrendered to the police before her partner killed himself.

Mary Rice who is in custody now along with his crime partner William Boyette has charged with the murder of four innocent women, which sparked a manhunt throughout the murder areas of Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama.

The location of these two was on a tip-off by a conscious citizen, and found them at the West Point Motel along with a stolen car from Pensacola, according to the Florida deputies. The police made several attempts to contact with these fugitives with a motive of convincing them to surrender, but ultimately with no didn’t get any response from that side, according to Sergeant Smith from Troup County Sheriff’s office.

After some time, Rice came out of the motel and surrendered to the present SWAT team, while Boyette was still in the motel. And, suddenly all heard one gunshot from inside, and when the officers entered the room; Boyette was dead, according to Troup County Georgia Sheriff Woodruff.

As per many official sources, Rice will face all the charges of killing the four reported women as capital murder under the Alabama jurisdiction for her involvement in Milton double homicide and Broz’s killing, along with few other still pending charges.