Like Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry in football, there is a similar type of rivalry when it comes to video games. The battle between the best football video game is always between Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and EA Sports FIFA and this year too this rivalry continues to amaze us. So, a detailed comparison of PES 2017 vs FIFA 17?
pes 17 vs fifa 17 detailed comparison
Last year, PES 16 beat FIFA 16 in terms of reviews. Would it be the same this year?

Both the games are set to release in September 2016, but the information about gameplay and changes is already out.

When it comes to graphics, generally PES dominates over FIFA but this time it is different. FIFA 17 uses Frostbite engine (Frostbite 3), the same engine that powers Battlefield series and Star Wars series. In FIFA 17, the stadium looks absolutely stunning, you feel the game, and at night matches especially playing at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge is a visual delight and the player faces looks realistic.
PES 17 is graphically stunning too. The on- field action is breathtaking. The ground looks amazing, the details are awesome and the player faces are excellent. PES 17 is powered by the Fox Engine.

Both the games have unique gameplay. In PES 17, there is control reality feature which makes it very realistic. The game is very physical now like the real life. The One Touch passing feature adds a lot of fun in this game. Every player has a different style of passing, controlling and it makes you completely engage while playing. The AI is excellent, players react to different situations, and defenders mark your best player and much more. The goalkeepers have been improved a lot from its predecessors and they make stunning saves now.

FIFA 17 gameplay has improved a lot. The game is very fluid, the other players automatically runs for the through balls between the gaps. There have been changes in set pieces as well, while tacking free kicks you get many options and corner settings has also been changed which gives the game a new look. The shooting has also improved. AI has improved too. The dynamics are good.

When it comes to match presentation, PES can’t match FIFA. The match presentation of FIFA 17 is awesome. The crowd looks livelier and the stadium atmosphere is very realistic. The emotions of the players look better. The commentary in FIFA 17 is great. PES 17 is also good in presentation but the commentators sound repetitive. In PES 17, crowd looks great but it can’t recreate the stadium atmosphere like FIFA.

Online Modes-
Konami has announced some changes to My club. Scouts are now easily available through the auction house which makes it easier to find the player you are looking for. There is a brand new team analysis tool as well. FIFA is still dominating with its Ultimate Team mode and it’s very addictive. We will not compare them so much as still the details are not out properly.

Game Modes-
In PES 17, the career mode has been more customised. The career mode is more realistic now. Transfer negotiations have been improved.
But FIFA 17 still has a better manager mode. Real life Managers will also be seen in FIFA 17 such as Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, and Arsene Wenger etc. In career mode, PES 17 still has that become a Legend mode. While in FIFA 17, there is a new story mode. The name of the mode is ‘The Journey’. In this players will follow the career of Alex Hunter, a young hopeful looking to make his way from academy to club level and international level. This is the first ever story mode in a FIFA. There will be press conferences, and your different decisions will impact the storyline.

In PES 17, there is much tactical flexibility. You can play tiki taka style, gegenpressing, crowding the midfield and many more tactical options. FIFA has never been so flexible in terms of tactics, But we still don’t’ have any details regarding the tactics in FIFA 17.

In terms of authenticity, FIFA is still ahead of PES. In FIFA there are official domestic leagues such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA etc. PES 17 has official licences of UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Copa Libertadores. But Konami has struck an exclusive league with FC Barcelona which means Camp Nou will not feature in FIFA 17. The licences and more stadiums make FIFA a far more than authentic game than PES.

So who wins – PES 2017 vs FIFA 17?
The detailed comparison that we made was based on information, trailers, gameplay and certain leaks. Both games haven’t been released yet. So it is not the time to announce the winner but certainly it looks like FIFA 17 is ahead currently. The story mode of FIFA adds to its developing interest and hype. In terms of gameplay, PES continuous to impress. Also PES 17 is available in demo version. We will try the FIFA 17 demo when it comes out and compare them for you.

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