Trump takes drug for hair growth Doctor

Health is wealth; according to the honourable President of United States Mr. Donald Trump as well. Retaining proper health is very essential inspite of hard work and other busy schedules of life. According to the reports Trump’s personal physician Mr. Harnold N Bornstein prescribes him with three sorts of treatments and supplements to restore and maintain his health for a proper administration over the nation.

Firstly Trump takes hair growth drugs that help him to fight hair and scalp related issues. This is said to be a drug related to prostrate that enhances hair growth. Secondly the recent inter views uphold that he also takes medications for controlling blood cholesterol and lipid levels. Thirdly .anti – biotic are also prescribed to Donald Trump regarding skin issues and to avoid and prevent rosacea.

Another vital piece of information wasalsoprovided by the physician regarding Trump’s dosage of baby aspirin on a regular basis to prevent and avoid the risk of heart attack. As his seat is the most prestigious and honourable, hence, Mr. Trump’s health is to be taken care for the well being of the whole nation. As Trump is the oldest person to become the president at 70, his health care checkups and routines are to be monitored well.

Donald Trump being the administrative representative of the United Nations is ought to maintain a fit and healthy routine with all four dimensions of health i.e. physical, mental, social, and, spiritual. His health is imperative for the future of the nation.