New policy traps many foreigners in America

Free and smooth movement that is, migration from one place to another is all what we expect from a first world country’s economy and administrative structure. But the new and very recent policies introduced by Donald Trump did harass a plethora of common people regarding their immigration and emigration across national borders.

According to the reports not only the natives but also the foreigners had been harassed while travelling. Obstacles such as migration issues while urgencies like family problems or attending funerals as well are created when the president put limitations regarding passport and Visas of the foreigners.

His recommendation of ban on entry of refugees for a fixed time period in the United States and that too mainly from the predominantly Muslim countries has created a fuss. Even legal citizenship was also disrupted and questioned by the rickety administration when it came to simple residential issues, studying or employment in the United States.

Leaving the county and crossing the nation borders for any urgency as well has become really risky as returning back now requires a new Visa all over again. This demand for a new Visa has created a fuss. According to the reports, interviews from many of the Green card holders were taken into consideration regarding this case.

This specific decision created a massive uncertainty and inconvenience in the whole world. This lead to risking individual’s life and other urgencies as well and made the lives of the residents of the United States way tough.