Snapchat vs Instagram is all set to take the internet off to a storm. With the introduction of Instagram stories, the internet world has certainly taken on the new feature with a smile. Now, where does this leave Snapchat app? Instagram has not just copied a feature from Snapchat, but has also taken the core element of it. The idea that now you can doodle with stories just like on Snapchat and not have to worry about it staying on the internet, has certainly given Instagram users something to look forward to.

Snapchat needs to take the next step to stay in game

Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom does not seem concerned about coping the core entity of Snapchat. In his defence, he has pointed out many instances where Facebook also copied essential features of Snapchat app.

“You’re going to see stories pop up in other networks over time, because it’s one of the best ways to show visual information in chronological order.”

In Facebook’s case, features that they copied like Poke, Slingshot, etc, failed miserably. On the other hand, Facebook is the company that made individuals feeds so famous. Literally, all the current social media sites have taken a leaf out of its book. The CEO also added that getting down to some feature of a rival is also a way to stay in the rivalry.

Well, this is where Snapchat probably needs to take it to the next level. Having used the Snapchat app, something that I personally find slightly annoying is that there is no way to know or understand how famous a profile is. In addition, there is no way by which you can follow an individual.

Although, Snapchat still has a few cards up its sleeves, but it is certainly the high time for the app to follow the footsteps of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., if it wants to stay in the game.