While J.K. should be all in the news for her latest Harry Potter edition, we are shocked to see her thrash a scientist’s theory on female orgasm. I think we know J.K. too much and she is a no nonsense author as well as a women with opinions. We cannot discuss her importance on the fantasy scene and how many children she inspired with her stories. So many myths govern the feminine sexual release that there are dozens of fake experts who claim to know the hidden secrets. While it is all about making a women feel completely satisfied and is the most natural state.
jk rowling controversy

JK Rowling Controversy

Like all scientist, who study a subject for years and submit a research in some reputed journal, but all that scientific text is mostly for the academia only. But this orgasm research from journal, The Journal of Experimental Zoology, said that women had to orgasm before they ovulated properly.

Rowling as candid as she is on social media, wrote, “Yes, the prospect of pushing an eight pound object out of your vagina should be more than enough incentive for sex.

This comment of hers was favorited by thousands of fans across the globe and the story from NY Times also went viral. But the act of a friendly banter created a spiteful debate between J.K. and one of the scientists who worked on the research in question.

What do you think about this debate? Let us know in comments below. Nobody actually read the research or the Times post properly but everyone picked sides. The academia sided with the researchers and Harry Potter fans supported their Queen Wizard, J.K. Rowling.

Such friendly banter should be allowed but people are less forgiving these days. So, what is your opinion. Did you copy Rowling’s tweet or thrashed her for being so non-supportive of the scientific researcher’s efforts.