International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that Russian athletes won’t be banned from Rio 2016 Olympics for doping. In a teleconference held on July 24, 2016 at 16:00 (Swiss time, GMT +2), President Thomas Bach stated that despite state-sponsored doping the entire Russian team will not be banned. However, the final decision is left on each international sports federation whether they will or will not allow the Russians to compete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So, for know latest reports claims that IOC backs Russia and its athelets.

IOC President Bach mentioned: “We had to balance the collective responsibility and the individual justice to which every human being and athlete is entitled to.” Adding in the support of the decision he said: “This may not please everybody on either side, but still, the result today is one which is respecting the rules of justice and which is respecting the rights of all the clean athletes all over the world.”

Each sporting federation is asked to conduct a drug test on individual athletes and then decide if the athlete is capable of competing in the Games. These decisions will then be reviewed by an arbiter from the Court of Arbitration for Sport.The punishment for the culprits has not been decided yet but it can impact their careers in a negative way. Athletes who will pass in this assessment will then be “subject to a rigorous additional out-of-competition testing program.”
ioc backs Russia

IOC Backs Russia – The Great Escape of Rio Olympics 2016

The awaited Olympic Games will begin on August 5.Considering the timelines an effort to find a solution seems ambitious but doable. “This is a very ambitious timeline, but we had no choice,” Bach told the reporters.

In the IOC’s Decision guidelines, a number of conditions are mentioned for Russian athletes to qualify for the Olympics. Failing to meet these conditions, an athlete will not be allowed to participate in Olympics.

It is sad to see how the fans feel cheated on such unethical actions. But what is your take on the decision? Should the entire Olympic team be banned for these action to set an example? Or the innocent athletes should be given a chance if they pass the assessment? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.

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