Trump Is Not Liked By Media and Is Against Him Said New York Mayor

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani simply says that media do not like President of US Donald Trump. On Monday morning he explained to everyone that it would be comfortable to admit it. Due to last confrontation with NBC news everyone has to come to such conclusions for Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani says that the anchor of NBC is biased against new administration. With Conway this weekend had many terse and which is the only reason and the recent example. On Monday morning former Mayor says that the anchor of the show- ‘MEET THE PRESS’ Chuck Todd to accept that he do not like Donald Trump.

Giuliani says that he was there throughout the session and the venom was enormous. The only reason that they do not like the administration of new President Donald Trump, they just pick tricky comments to shower on to him. It would be better for entire media too to accept the correct reason and be an unbiased media.

In the Saturday conference they used false methods and wordings and represented them in the form of alternative facts. To correct this act by the media Spicer posted an apology photo in the twitter account and prompted for the correction of reporters.

According to former Mayor and critics Trump wants to make the economic and foreign relation of United States and Israel warmer and better. In this way it is very important that media support him without any biasness and displeasure.