Inauguration Cake of Donald Trump Is a Replica of Barack Obamas Cake Confirmed by the Baker

It is apparent and almost everyone noticed that Donald Trump’s inauguration cake is absolutely a copy of Barack Obama’s inauguration cake.

Both the cakes are absolutely similar though but, the chef who designed the Obama’s inauguration ball cake said that he did not make the cake for Donald Trump. The cake designer brought the information to public view through a tweet.

The images of both the cakes are shared in the tweeter account of Duff Goldman. According to his tweet, the left image of the cake is made by him for Barack Obama 4 years back but, the right one that belongs to President Donald Trump is not created by him. Goldman is the cake maker of Charm City Cakes firm.

Both the cakes have huge similarities which literally brought an accusation that the cake Donald Trump was cut, the baker is decorated completely copying the cake of Goldman.

The cake for Donald Trump is designed by the Buttercream Bakeshop. The firm came in front and reported on different social media like Instagram and Facebook that they were requested to copy the decoration from any other cake design.

And as a result, the cake design became completely similar to the inauguration ball cake of Barack Obama.

The bakery firm reported by saying that they felt excited about sharing the cake that has made by them for the inaugural balls of the 45th President of the United States of America. The firm also included that the expert cake makers of the shop although love to make the cake designs by their own creativity but, this time they copied the design from a masterpiece and are thrilled for making such cake.