How to make a viral app? Sounds like a recipe for success or great timing. We can debate forever but reverse engineering what goes into making Prisma and developing the augmented reality game Pokemon Go can give us some insights.

This is something Venture Capitalists are always looking for – A new idea turned into an application that has lots of traction and repeated users daily. So, we are not telling you how to make a viral app, but we are definitely touching the best things that make Prisma so popular and fans so crazy about Pokemon Go. So much that apk files ON Android and installations on iOS have surfaced so much so that the apps were not even available in the countries or officially marketed even.

Such is the depth involved in making a viral app that we are beyond words. So, coming to the reverse engineering and deconstructing the aspect, here are a few things:

How does an app/game win over Users?
With thousands of new arrivals in Google Play or Apple Store, we think this is the most important thing. Apps still get downloaded based on social media recommendations and word of mouth. The nostalgic, feel good and bragging factor, which gamifications takes to an all new level is what users love. This is when they feel happy, therefore app developers and game makers can win them over. Not just this, it works such a charm that people always come again for more apps and crave for new updates from your end.

How to make a Viral App like Prisma or Pokemon Go?

Prisma Popularity Reason is different from Pokemon Go’s virality. While, the former was not launched on one of the two biggest mobile platforms, the latter was launched only in selected countries. Coming to the reason it became so popular is that Prisma’s filters were extremely new and eye-catchy. Many users shared their pics on Facebook, Instagram immediately after using Prisma. The paintings it creates had such a strong vibe that they were our DP’s on WhatsApp and Tinder too.

On the other hand Pokemon Go is an app that only nerds should have loved. But the going out and augmented reality feel, plus media hype made everyone crazy about it. The Japanese anime based game gives you a journey to embark and a goal to fulfill. Collecting pokemons out in the open is what was novel in the game. Novelty is another factor. Mind it that newness and freshness of an idea, executed with perfection is the key.

Both developers of Prisma and developers of Pokemon Go, have not made it overnight. It takes experience and expertise to build such apps. So, the answer to How to make a Viral app is keep on making apps and executing new ideas through code and design and rest will follow.

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how to make a viral app
First thing as a newbie is to master the skill and narrow down the exact space you want to make an impact. As Prisma’s founder had deep programming and AI experience he hones his craft by making apps for others since 2010. Now in June 2016 his app is the most popular in its genre and was downloaded over a million times in the the first month itself.

Do it for the love and passion. Sounds cliched right? But it matters the most. Zuck was passionate about connecting college students with Facebook and now he is connecting the world. Same dream amplified.

Google gave us Search, Android and what not. Before Google was Google, it was just a page rank algorithm researched and developed by 2 PhD students.

The way Steve Jobs saw his devices at Apple, you have to see your applications. Let us know what you think about Prisma viral app and Pokemon Go’s secret. We are waiting to hear your insights on how to make a viral app in the comments below.